Producer / Director

Editor & Cinematographer

My current day-to-day role involves all aspects of
production at K-OS Visuals, a UK-based production

company. I continue to work as a freelance

producer/director alongside my role at K-OS.

My passion for intricate and delicate storytelling
comes from my nature of being open to the

world, which has made me receptive and

inventive in finding new topics and subjects.
an avid traveller, I enjoy exploring all areas of the

world and have been fortunate enough to

experience some of the world’s most distant and

closed societies.

I heavily involve myself in the topic of Mental Health,
Neuropsychology, Anthropology and

My primary passion is creating
documentaries that highlight our planet’s

voiceless, forgotten, and hard-to-reach topics.


Nomads’ Land is a short documentary that explores the decline of the nomadic way of life in the Amazigh people of North Africa.

The story is told through Said, who comes from a traditional Amazigh – Tuareg family that once roamed the Sahara. Subject to economic, religious and geographical pressure, Said has recently chosen to settle down in a village on the edge of the Sahara, an increasingly common move by nomadic Amazigh families.

The last of the Imazighen (ⵉⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵏ) still roam the Sahara Desert – but for how long? Living on the other side of the Atlas Mountains, it is no exaggeration to say that everybody admires Said in Tagounite – his life of hard-work, loss, triumph and hope. He has had to face drastic changes happening to his community, all while trying to restore his ancestral home. Nomad’s Land explores the reasons behind the exodus leading nomads away from the desert to the cities in a documentary about the forgotten Berbers of Morocco.


Associate Producer – Viktor Weisz

Director of Photography – David Erdelyi

Edited by – George Blackburn

Sound Design & Mixing – Eefaa Hassan

Original Music by – Barchie

Executive Producer – Nini Permalosa

Produced & Directed by Jon Edward Davies


“It’s all about helping people”

Glenelg Mountain Rescue Team (GMRT) has been in operation since 1973, serving the Parish of Glenelg and its 300-strong population in the intervening period. However, there is change at the helm with Donnie MacDonald bowing out after serving as the team’s leader for more than two decades, and handing the ropes over to Ronnie MacDonald who has assumed the head role.

Donnie, the skipper of the renowned Glenelg to Skye ferry, which docks at Kylerhea on the Misty Isle, has taken the decision to step aside to allow, in his words, “somebody younger to take over”. He added: “The gear that we have has changed a lot over the years. It’s all much lighter and has improved, it is waterproof and is more practical. “When I started off, we had the old stretchers, but now they are much lighter and easier to get casualties off the hill. Before my time, they even used old gates to get folk down. “The technology is much better now with GPS and whatnot, but local knowledge is the most valuable tool of the lot. “All of our team know the land. We all know different areas and it is the best asset we have.

 – By Chris MacLennan, Inverness Press & Journal


Produced & Directed by Jon Edward Davies

Cinematography by David Erdelyi

Edited by George Blackburn

Sound by Eefaa Hassan

Additional Photography by Viktor Weisz

Commercial Work

Raion – Advertising/Video Content (2019-2022)
The Octunnumi (Book)
Evans & Peel Detective Agency
– Advertising/Video
Director/DP – Hero Event (Short Doc) (2019)
(UK/EU) Training/Advertising Content



I started video production in 2015. Moving away from my passion in photography towards motion pictures and there I found my love for film-making and storytelling. My skill set lies within production and directing, having led my team on multiple documentaries in harsh environments such as the Sahara Desert (Nomads’ Land) and Scottish Highlands (Men of the Glen). There comes a great responsibility in producing and I feel it to be an honour to look after my team on our shoots. Directing documentary is my biggest passion. 

I have four key principles which I try to include in my work: 

1) Objectivity in film-making, striving to observe and not give in to biases. 

2) Giving Voice to the Voiceless, actively looking for topics that are not receiving sufficient levels of attention globally. 

3) Venturing Beyond Boundaries, looking adventure dead in the eye. Naturally, some of the most important and hard-hitting topics are those in hard to reach regions.

4) Challenging the Conventional, We target those who prohibit others from expressing their voice, experiences and perils. Controversy is something we are not afraid of. Aside from my creative interests, I am an avid explorer and adventurer. November 2017 saw me join an expedition to Antarctica, to shoot a documentary film on the ideologies of travel & escaping everyday life. 


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